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Keno Free is a lotto style game, very similar to Bingo. It is a wonderful game for anyone who likes to try luck at guessing numbers. Keno is probably the simplest game in the casino. The objective of Keno is as simple: its just bet and win! This simple game has come a long way since its humble beginnings and this has become a popular attraction at the casinos.

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Provide transcendent guest experiences and differentiate itself in a highly competitive market by adopting a holistic wired and wireless networking solution that enables layering on the hospitality applications essential for profitability and overall success. With a mission to offer the best of yesterday, the excitement of today, and the possibilities of tomorrow, Circa designed único relaxation and gaming spaces, such as its Stadium Swim pool deck, with amphitheater-style lounging terraces facing a foot video display, a three-story Sportsbook, featuring a 78 million pixel video display divided into 42 screens, and a connected transportation hub called the Garage Mahal. To ensure it could provide the bandwidth, performance, reliability, and security necessary for delivering exceptional video, gaming and in-room offerings, Circa worked with its with trusted integration partner, Evotekto evaluate various networking solutions by Cisco, Juniper and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, as well as a gigabyte passive optical network GPON by Corning for hotel room connectivity. On the management side, Circa is streamlining wired and wireless network administration by implementing AirWave for network management along with ClearPass for network access control NAC and policy management. In addition, Circa adopted User Experience Insight UXI to gain continuous real-time performance insights from a user and device perspective. During deployment, Circa not only faced the typical challenges with constructing a new facility, but also contended with completing the resort during COVID distancing and isolation restrictions. Assistance from Evotek and Aruba were both key to staying on track.

Holistic Solution Supplies Full Networking Stack

The project is designed by Lorenzo Doumani, who is transforming the former headquarters of the Clarion hotel. Construction is expected to start in July and last for about three years. Clarion, two blocks from the Las Vegas Strip, was demolished in to make way for a new project. Doumani received approval for his hotel in , but the pandemic delayed plans. Now, the expectation is that the situation starts to develop, even if slowly. The property will feature rooms and a medical spa. These environments will be on the top floors of the building, and can be used for conventions, exhibitions, meetings or other events.

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