The bookmaker is a brand belonging to Bet. Although there is no official confirmation of the amounts involved or the duration, the new commercial arrangement is well above the 4. And, according to Tribuna Expresso, the amount also exceeds the 5. However, Betano is not thinking of giving up so easily and can go to court.

Betano promises to take pending dispute with Portuguese League to the courts

Bwin acquired bet. The negotiations were concluded at the beginning of the month, after receiving approval from the Games Regulation and Inspection Service. With this purchase, Bwin officially entered the Portuguese betting industry. The sale of bet. According to the Dinheiro Vivo website, the settlement between the two companies defined the payment of 50 million euros when the contract was formalized. The last part, 10 million euros, will be paid off over two years after the fulfillment of certain requirements.

Bwin closes sponsorship of Liga Portugal for five years

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