Castor de Andrade

O Protesto. Um olhar sobre Macau e a China. We must be told why Macau shut the door Leader South China Morning Post December 21, Change is to be expected whenever a new government takes office. Macau's chief executive, Dr Fernando Chui Sai-on, did not disappoint at his inauguration yesterday, pledging policies centred on clean governance and transparency. Such words offer hope after scandals under the previous administration.

Developments of the case involving Macaé and Madureira

Last Monday, 31, the Court of Sports Justice of Rio de Janeiro TJD-RJ summoned athletes, the former coach, the manager of the football department and the president of Macaé to give explanations in the investigation of the case of suspected a betting scheme in the game against Madureira, on April 17, in Campeonato Carioca. At the beginning of the aforementioned game, the athletes from Macaé held a protest before the ball rolled due to the delay in payment of salaries. Therefore, the players sat on the lawn for a few seconds. A diretoria do clube respeita o posicionamento do nosso elenco que vem sendo prejudicado com a falta de treinamentos adequados! Confira todo texto em nosso Instagram e Facebook: macaeesporte pic. According to GloboEsporte, the auditor-rapporteur Joana Prado also requested the presence, president of Madureira, Elias Duba, for a statement. The nine people were summoned to present themselves in person on May 7 at the Court of Sports Justice.

Contribuições humanas

From the s, Castor de Andrade was the uncontested leader of all the main bicheiros of the city of Rio de Janeiro, [2] and had more than policemen and a number of public servants, prominent politicians, and judges working for him. Castor was also very involved in the Brazilian Carnival and in soccer —he was the major sponsor of Bangu Forçoso Clube and even called the owner of Bangu, and he was also the patron of samba school Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel. He also helped found in the Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro , which has run the Rio de Janeiro Carnival ever since and has served as the legal cover for the jogo do bicho cartel. In , Castor de Andrade and 13 other major bicheiros were arrested. They were each convicted to six years of prison, but Castor obtained a habeas corpus and was released in the same year.

Nota de apresentação

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