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Abstract: Since the introduction of PISA, the OECD has become an increasingly powerful player in education governance and policy within its member countries, as well as elsewhere. It has also become evident that education systems scoring well in the exam have become sources for policy and practice borrowing for other countries. This essay provides critical observations regarding politicisation of PISA results from a Finnish perspective. Using Finnish teacher education, as well as quality assurance and evaluation as examples, we argue that Finnish education system has developed within a particular place and time, through political processes that are not replicable in different political contexts. Critical reflections from the perspective of the lender. Tomar de empréstimo o sucesso finlandês no PISA? Algumas reflexões críticas, da perspectiva de quem faz este empréstimo. DOI:

Jogo Numpuz: Jogos Numéricos Clássicos e Quebra-Cabeças

Circuladô, Before the s, there was a strong dichotomy between cinema and photography, but this has not stopped a number of artists and filmmakers of the postwar dissolve this cleavage in works that, as they approached the photogrammatic immobility, broke with the illusion of movement and narrative flow. This book is the result of a research I have been doing since in order to map and analyze the production of audiovisual, films, videos and installations created by Brazilian artists. As we shall see, the production of motion pictures by the artists was not only extensive but includes seminal works that deserve highlight in any great cinematography, American or European.

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You—you, you You—you, you, you, you, you You, you—you You—you, you, you, you, you You—you, you, you, you, you You, you—you You—you, you, you, you, you Warm it up, warm it up Warm it up, warm it up, warm it up Warm it up, warm it up Warm it up, warm it up, warm it up. I'm a miraculous man! You know I get, I get it, I get it, I get it The Young Sinatra spit it, rewind it, and rip it I could murder your whole album with a second snippet Pass the Mary Jane like I'm runnin' a train with Peter Parker On tour, I have more sex in the city than Sarah Jessica Parker The deeper and deeper I go, it get darker They say they want the old me, they want the Young Sinatra back The one that murder it, rip it up, no, never givin' up on the almanac Yeah, I'm all of that, fall back, like September again Baskin' these rappers so hard they won't remember again When it comes to hip-hop, bitch, I'm indigenous to this It's apparent I'm bearin' down like a parent When the beef is at stake, I'm Mastro's My god-level lyricism surpass flows, I'm much more than fast flows Money, talk, cash, hoes, greatest of levels—I've passed those. Fuck that rap shit, this that trap shit Bobby! This world is my contraption Bobby! I was born and raised in the trap, son Bobby! Talk shit, get kidnapped, son Bobby! I don't really know why I rap, son ay! Money in the bank, yeah, I got some ay!

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Passages Between Photography and Cinema

Abstract: This paper analyzes an emerging form of post-pharmaceutical health and its underlying regime of value in the global bioeconomy of regenerative stem cell-based medicine RSCM. Animated by a vision to overcome drug-based therapies and their underlying political economies, RSCM pursues a form of regenerative health that is strikingly at odds with pharmaceutical regimes of drug research, regulation and therapy. To offer a theoretical account of these competing forms of health, the paper provides an analysis of the regimes of values that underpin pharmaceutical and regenerative health respectively. Keywords: BioeconomyBioeconomy,BiovalueBiovalue,Health regimesHealth regimes,PharmaceuticalsPharmaceuticals,Regenerative stem cell medicineRegenerative stem cell medicine,Regulatory pharmaceuticalizationRegulatory pharmaceuticalization. Resumen: Este artigo analiza una forma emergente de salud post-farmacéutica y su régimen subyacente de valor en la bioeconomía global de la medicina regenerativa basada en células madre MRCM. Palabras clave: Bioeconomía, Biovalor, Regímenes de salud, Medicamentos, Medicina regenerativa de células madre, Farmacologización reguladora. Embodied values: post-pharmaceutical health and the accumulation of surplus vitality in regenerative stem cell medicine. Valores incorporados: salud post-farmacéutica y la acumulación de vitalidad sobejante en la medicina de células matriz regenerativas.

Numpuz: Jogos Numéricos Clássicos e Quebra-Cabeças

Commission-free brokerage is sweeping the world. For the past seven years, buying and selling US shares has been commission free. Although initially the phenomenon started with a few disruptors looking to shake things up, over the last 12 months all major US brokerage houses have dropped their fees to the floor. In this article, we take a look at all the different ways various brokerages make money in order to offer commission-free. A number of these practices are not something we engage in at Stake. So much so is trading with commission-free platforms the norm, that paying for trades would now be considered ludicrous. If you have a quick glance of this market structure in the US, it paints a pretty simple picture — the money in brokerage is not made in brokerage. The 4 major ways brokerages make money without charging brokerage.

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