True Cases Of ID Theft

The following cases of identity misuse are true, and these can be traced to different social strata and demographic profiles of people across different geographical zones. The only thing common between the following cases of identity theft is that each of them got caught in the end, but after causing quite a lot of damage or uproar, or in some cases, just taking personal advantage:-

Assuming Daughter’s Identity

In an almost harmless case of identity misuse, a young mother in her thirties stole her daughter’s high school identity to attend her classes in high school, and her cheerleading sessions in particular. This went on for a few weeks before the school authorities identified and reported her. When caught, the mother cited an explanation that she had a terrible childhood and could never go to high school. Given the fact that she wanted to relive her childhood and aspired to cheer, she took her daughter’s name. Now that’s a cause that sounds sympathetic, did not cause anybody harm but is nevertheless criminal!

Applying to Elite Colleges

This is a common phenomenon that has been observed across various elite educational institutions across the globe. This is why places like Harvard, Oxford and Princeton scrutinize student applications to the core; yet there are cases of people stealing someone’s identity to apply. While some of them get caught in the beginning itself, others get caught mid-way and yet there are those lucky (or for that matter unlucky) ones who get caught only after they have bagged their degree and a plush job!

Is your Doctor a ‘Real Doctor’?

We usually have the habit of seeing doctors on the basis of hearsay or good recommendations from people we know. Sometimes, we just approach them because they happen to be the nearest medical practitioners near our residence or workplace. Coming to think of it, we never ever scrutinize our doctor’s identity or his qualifications, do we? We just take them for granted. At the most, we glance at the framed and pinned up certificates on the wall for public display and feel assured. But what would you have to say if someone were to tell you that there have been cases wherein a person who has never been to medical school convincingly steals a doctor’s identity and starts practicing? Such kind of true incidents have happened several times in many different countries, and these quacks almost always get caught, but after years and years of practice, having subjected many of their patients to the guinea pig treatment. Scary isn’t it?

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