How Secure Are Identity Theft Protection Services?

Well, it completely depends on the expertise, caliber and experience of the agency in question. For instance, there was one agency that had just started off in the United States and the CEO was so over-confident of his mettle that he revealed his actual social security number across billboards, newspapers, on the sides of buses and every other shockingly public place that you can think of. He gave out an open challenge to imposters to come and try to impersonate him, implying that the identity theft protection services were absolutely fool-proof. Now sadly for him, the advertising campaign went absolutely haywire, when people not only stole his social security number but even took advantage of it to get loans pre-approved and even withdraw cash. So it all turned out to be a bumbling defeat.

The question remains, how safe are identity theft protection services?

Lessons Learnt the Hard Way…

So before you decide to invest good money in any kind of security service on similar lines, please remember that the first step towards securing your identity is to never, ever reveal it to anybody. If you are careful enough about your identity details on a personal level and are extra-cautious and vigilant at all times, the need for an identity theft protection agency might never arise in the first place.

Conduct a thorough background check

Despite all of the above points, if you still feel the need to invest in the services of such a security service provider, always conduct a thorough background check beforehand. Do not always depend on hearsay or random recommendations. Try and scan the internet for unbiased reviews, try and get in touch with their previous clients, and if you find even an inkling of a bad review, do not neglect the same but pursue it and get to its root.