Cases Of Mistaken Identity

Did you know that cases of mistaken identity could end up being as tragic and damaging as is the case with stolen ones? Once again, there have been several baffling but true incidents in this regard that you should know about. Here’s a look at a few shortlisted ones!

A conman for a doppelganger!

Having an established conman and jewel thief for a doppelganger can absolutely wreak havoc in your life. This unfortunate reality has actually been experienced by a man from London, whose identity we are not going to reveal. What actually happened was that this chap was on his way to work one fine morning, and out of nowhere the police arrests him for charges of robbery and fraud. He is absolutely stunned and clueless when victim after victim is actually testifying against him. The poor chap ends up serving several years in prison, and eventually the police realize that the theft are still happening because the real culprit is his doppelganger who is still on the run! There was a funny case involving a doppelganger and football – as reported by back in 2014!

Traffic Offenders mistaken for you!

By far, the most common cases of mistaken identities are found in the realm of traffic offenders. People have been wrongly issued tickets, sent notices and even penalized for not showing up. All in the event of muddled up identities. How tragic is that?