Acer’s New Monitor Stretches to New Lengths

Some people say that size does not matter. It’s clear that the engineers that work with Acer have never heard that saying, since that have managed to produce one of the most gigantic monitors in the history of gaming. Their new XR382CQK gaming monitor is a gigantic 37.5 inches long. That’s one of the largest and most impressive screens that you will ever see outside of a movie theater, so it’s worth digging into the technical specifications to decide if you need to bring it into your life.

The Specifications

It’s best to start with the screen itself. The XR382CQK gaming monitor is very similar to the ASUS VG248QE gaming montior, and has a curved design, so it will look slightly longer than the 37.5 inches that it really has to offer. This massive size is both a blessing and a curse. It offers an incredible maximum resolution of 3840×1600, which is more than enough to offer peak performance for any game on the market. On the other hand, it can be a little bit of a challenge to find enough room for it in a house. Most people would have to consider getting rid of their television to make room, but that isn’t necessarily a downside. After all, there are plenty of ways to stream video on a computer, and you might as well do it with this incredible piece of technology.

This gaming monitor offers a refresh rate of 75Hz. That’s slightly lower than many of its competitors, but still high enough to meet almost every gamer’s needs. A pair of stereo speakers are built into the monitor, and they have enough power that most people won’t feel the need to attach any replacements. Given that the monitor only has a single HDMI port, one DisplayPort, and a couple of USB ports, that’s a good thing. It’s best to save the space for additional attachments.

Special Features

There are a few bonus features that help the XR382CQK stand up to the competition. The most notable of them is AMD Freesync, which cuts down on screen tearing. It also comes with a Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows the user to display more than one input on the screen at a time. That makes it useful even for people who don’t need to use all 37.5 inches of screen at one time. You can even use it to replace a dual-monitor system, and choosing the XR382CQK can be cheaper than buying a pair of good monitors.

Do You Need It?

This is an impressive but specialized piece of technology. If you need a single large screen, or need to display inputs from more than one computer next to each other for comparison, it’s hard to beat the XR382CQK. It can even simulate split-screen gaming with the Picture-in-Picture mode. Furthermore, playing on a screen of this side can also be a wonderful novelty. On the other hand, most gamers can probably make do with something that is a little bit smaller. It’s certainly an option that every gamer should strongly consider and many gamers will love, but some people will want to opt for a smaller screen.