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9 ways Mobile Gadgets have changed our Lives

Mobiles are simply the order of the day. It wouldn’t be wrong if I said that smartphones are nothing less than the oxygen that we breathe. Though it reminds me of a paradox, that’s is the fact.  Today the world is drenched with apps for every single thing. You tell me that the world is about to end, I will still look for an app that can stop the destruction or probably Google the means to save my life. Given the chance to pick one most important non-living thing that matters the most in my life and the one that can’t live without then most of us would probably pick our smartphones.  It’s is not because we are over-obsessed with these cell phones but because they have proven to be so much helpful. The discovery of mobile phone still has its own merits and demerits. So here are going to see the 9 ways in which mobile phones impact our lives.

9 ways Mobile Gadgets have changed our Lives

So here are the different ways in which mobile gadgets impact our lives:


Mobiles have come handy that they help you to ensure your safety. With mobiles, you can stay connected and thereby chances are less that you get yourself into some trouble.

Instant messages:

Unlike the olden days where you have a send a letter and wait for years, in the recent times you can simply send a text and keep people informed about the things that you have to tell them. In one click you can get things done.

They replace even computers:

Today, as they say, great things are coming only in small packages, and mobile gadgets are the simplest examples. You can do almost anything and everything that you are doing on a computer with a smartphone today.


These mobile gadgets are filled with apps that both entertaining and informative. You can use them accordingly and spend your time in some worthy way.

Doctors on Demand:

There are a lot of medical aid facilities that come handy with mobiles. Quick first-aid help, ambulance facilities, and calling for quick medical attention are all possible with smartphones today.

Fight disabilities:

Today cell phones are becoming friendly for physically challenged people as well. Mobile phones and gadgets are specially designed for them to help them move freely without taking their disability into concern.


Right from maps to medicine reminders you have everything under the sky in one place. This means you need not have to carry a lot to help things fall in line. Just a smartphone will do.

Business Meetings:

Your smartphone is very much enough to attend a meeting from anywhere and anytime. Now with the video conferencing facility available in all mobiles business meetings aren’t a great deal anymore.

Pocket Library:

Today digital libraries are the order of the day. Who carries books these days? They simply install apps and read as and when they want. It is much simpler than we believe it is.

Things you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

The whole world today is running behind artificial intelligence otherwise known as AI.  The funniest thing about this AI is that most people think that AI and artificial intelligence are two different things. In simple terms, if I have to explain the phrase artificial intelligence, then I simply have to say that it is a code developed and installed in a machine in order to customise the machine and make it dance according to your tunes and listen to your commands. The wiser the AI is designed, the better you will benefit out of that machine or app as the case may be.

So where do we find this AI, is it a thing? Can we touch it? In the process of answering these questions, we will be able to know some of the important facts that we have to know about Artificial Intelligence.

Things you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

AI is all-pervasive:                                                                    

There is not one place where you can completely get over the concept of AI today. Undoubtedly the convenience and the comfort that we enjoy today, the way we get to do things at the earliest are all the benefit of the AI installed in it. Right from IT to agriculture, today, every single field requires the assistance of artificial intelligence to complete the task and

Choice of AI:

Artificial Intelligence can be great as long as you apply it in the right place and the right sense. Probably that is what is the difference between human beings and the machine that operates with AI in them. So not all machines with Artificial intelligence can carry out all types of tasks that are expected by humans. In fact, the AI is a vertical concept. There are a lot of software packages, and all of them carry a respective AI. You have to find the right one that suits your needs and install it as required.

AI is not a thing:

Yes, the artificial intelligence that we get to enjoy is an intangible thing. It can be operated and modified using codes. They are present inside the system. You can only see them work but not feel them or touch them. If any AI malfunctions again the way to rectify it is to send an AI probably an anti-virus to clear the issue.

Robots and AI:

When it comes to artificial intelligence if there is one thing that you cannot avoid talking about, then it is the concept of robots.  Though this idea of machines doing tasks that only human can carry out originated long back, it came into reality, at least as perfectly as expected, only in the late 90s. Today we have gone to other levels of the same idea such as humanoids and automated restaurants. You simply step in, select your language and simply enjoy the meal that you want in the style that you prefer.  Then there are these humanoids that exactly look and move like humans. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. The ideas that we have once seen in movies are quietly turning into reality.  Days aren’t far off where we will have robots walking and talking along with us, and we will never be able to spot the difference. That is the power of AI for you.

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